We need Wisdom to become all that Yahweh has created us to be. But not just any kind of wisdom, we need the Spiritual Wisdom that the Bible explains comes from UP above. This series will take a look at the Prophetic Words of Yahweh and the lives of the Old Testament prophets to give us all that we need to Wise Up in our lives today!
  1. Spiritual Wisdom (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Motives for Wisdom (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Testing Wisdom (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Asking for Spiritual Wisdom (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Spiritual Maturity (Pastor Lionel Means)
We begin each year with celebration, which leads to reflection, and a long list of resolutions intended to achieve a “New Thing” in our lives. Unfortunately, by February 1st most of us find ourselves giving up on the “New Thing.” This is the same as starting a race but never crossing the finish line. The issue is we focus so much on starting strong, we do not put enough thought and time into finishing strong. This series is intended to equip us with what we need to not only Start a New thing but to Finish Strong
  1. New You (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Boomerang Issues ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Counterfeit New Things (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Dealing with Disappointment (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Doing the Right Thing the Wrong Way (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Pause (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Dealing with Personal Attacks (Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. No (Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Crutches (Pastor Lionel Means)
  10. Change (Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Throwing in the Towel( Pastor Lionel Means)
  12. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize( Pastor Lionel Means)
  13. Cover Up Plan( Pastor Lionel Means)
  14. Uncover ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  15. Blind( Min. Robert Lyons)
  16. Consequences( Pastor Lionel Means)
  17. Loss( Pastor Lionel Means)
  18. Offense( Pastor Lionel Means)
  19. Past Hurt( Pastor Lionel Means)
  20. Retaliation( Min. Bridgette Best)
  21. Red Flags( Pastor Lionel Means)
  22. Unapproachable( Pastor Lionel Means)
  23. Forgiveness( Pastor Lionel Means)
  24. Seeing You Like God Sees You (Part 1) ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  25. Seeing You like God Sees You (Part 2)(Min. Robert Lyons)
  26. Seeing the Big Picture( Min Randy Neal)
  27. Humility( Pastor Lionel Means)
  28. Trouble( Pastor Lionel Means)
  29. Antagonist( Min. Bridgette Best)
  30. Bitterness( Pastor Lionel Means)
  31. Friends ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  32. Manipulation ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  33. Advice ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  34. Tribulation ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  35. Count Your Blessings ( Minister Randy Neal)
  36. Apologize (Full Service) (Pastor Lionel Means)
  37. Peace Maker (Full Service) ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  38. Favor (Full Service) ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  39. Mercy (Full Service) ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  40. Favor( Pastor Lionel Means)
  41. Gratitude ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  42. Contentment ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  43. Serving( Pastor Lionel Means)
  44. Mentoring ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  45. Troublemaker ( Pastor Lionel Means)
2020 has been an overwhelming year. A year of uncertainty, struggle and pain. A pandemic, masks, hand sanitizer, and many lives lost. Millions of jobs lost, businesses have shut down and even churches forced to close their doors. We’ve witnessed division and violence. And we’ve felt the sting of racism…the deep heartache of hate. All of these things and more have left us feeling overwhelmed. Yeshua (Jesus) makes a promise in John 16:32-33 that in the midst of an overwhelming world He can give us PEACE. This series will focus on how we can receive the promise of PEACE when we are OVERWHELMED.
  1. Overwhelmed (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Overwhelmed by Disappointment (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Overwhelmed by Rejection (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Overwhelmed by Pretending(Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Overwhelmed by Bad Decisions (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Overwhelmed by Bad Decisions Parts 2 (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Overwhelmed by Negative Circumstance (Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Overwhelmed by Negatives (Minister Randy Neal)
  9. Overwhelmed by Dead Dreams (Pastor Lionel Means)
  10. Overwhelmed by Pits (Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Overwhelmed by Dejection (Minister Robert Lyons)
  12. Overwhelmed by Pressure (Pastor Lionel Means)
  13. Overwhelmed by Rainy Seasons (Pastor Lionel Means)
  14. Overwhelmed by Insecurity (Pastor Lionel Means)
  15. Overwhelmed by Frustration (Pastor Lionel Means)
  16. Overwhelmed by Fear of Failure (Pastor Lionel Means)
  17. Overwhelmed by Reputation (Pastor Lionel Means)
  18. Overwhelmed by Defeat (Pastor Lionel Means)
  19. Overwhelmed by Idols (Pastor Lionel Means)
What matters to you? What is or who is most important to you? Jesus when asked this question repeatedly answers that the most important thing, the thing that matters most is Love. Paul goes as far as to say in 1 Corinthians 13 that without love nothing we do, say, believe, even give matters. This series will focus on teaching us how to love, so we can make make everything we do matter, because LOVE MATTERS!!
  1. Love Matters( Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Patience Matters( Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Kindness Matters(Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Contentment Matters(Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Humbleness Matters( Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Respect Matters( Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Humility Matters(Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Self Control Matters(Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Forgiveness Matters(Min. Bridgette Best )
  10. Truth Matters(Min. Robert Lyons)
  11. Protection Matters( Min. Randy Neal)
  12. Trust Matters( Pastor Lionel Means)
  13. Hope Matters(Pastor Lionel Means)
  14. Perseverance Matters:NYE Service(Pastor Lionel Means)
Christ calls us to go deeper with Him and stop wading in the shallows. This series will address the following questions:
Why are we not going deeper?
How do we go deeper?
What are the benefits of going deeper?
See you in the deep!
  1. Seeing the Blessing in Going Deep(Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Going Deeper in Relationship with God(Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Compassion(Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Anger Management(Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Freedom(Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Understanding Bad Roots(Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Handling Pressure(Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Understanding Bad Roots(Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Discipline(Pastor Lionel Means)
  10. Criticism(Pastor Lionel Means)
Normal vision is measured as 20/20 vision. This means the person with 20/20 vision is able to see with clarity objects around them. In the event a person’s vision drops below 20/20 vision, there are a number of corrective actions that can be taken to bring the person’s vision back to 20/20 vision.

Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 that God has a vision for us that is greater than anything we can humanly see, hear, or conceive, and the only way we can see this vision is by having 20/20 Spiritual Vision. 2020 will be the year when Uplift focuses on correcting our Spiritual Vision to 20/20 so we can see the Grace of God in everything.

  1. Healthy Vision( Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Vision( Min. Robert Lyons)
  3. Seeing God's Vision(Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Seeing Fear(Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Seeing God in Choas(Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Seeing the Purpose in Crisis(Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Seeing Your Response to Crisis(Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Seeing the Benefits of Solitude(Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Seeing God's Rest(Pastor Lionel Means)
  10. Seeing the Importance of God's Word(Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Seeing the Barriers to God's Word(Pastor Lionel Means)
  12. Seeing the Importance of Appreciation(Pastor Lionel Means)
Every start of the new year we set resolutions that are intended to help us manage the sins and weakness that reign over us. However, this is not what God intended for us when He gave us Salvation through His Grace. Paul explains in Romans 5, that God’s Grace “Reigns” over our sins, weaknesses, circumstances, even the law.

Through God’s Grace you have the ability to “reign” over everything life throws at you. This series will help us understand God’s Grace and instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, allow God’s Grace to Reign, and resolve all our sins, weaknesses, and circumstances.

  1. Grace Reigns (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. The God of Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Grace Reigns over Tribulation (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Justified and Reconciled (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. How Grace Happens(Pastor Abdullah Birdsong)
  6. Grace Reigns Over Sin and Death (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Grace Reigns Over Condemnation (Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Grace Extended (Min. Bridgette Best)
  9. The Power of Grace (Min. Robert Lyons)
  10. The Purpose of the Law (Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Grace Reigns over Religion(Pastor Lionel Means)
  12. Grace Reigns Over the Law (Pastor Lionel Means)
  13. Graced to Give (Min. Robert Lyons)
  14. Grace Reigns Over Our Weaknesses (Pastor Lionel Means)
  15. Opening the Gift of Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  16. The Resurrecting Power of Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  17. Forgiving Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  18. Seeing Grace(Pastor Lionel Means)
  19. Hearing Grace(Pastor Lionel Means)
  20. Speaking With Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  21. Just Do” Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  22. Focusing on Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  23. In Dependence of Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  24. Mustard Seed Faith (Pastor Lionel Means)
  25. Grace and Unwavering Faith (Minster Bridgette Best)
  26. Grace and Strongholds (Pastor Lionel Means)
  27. Why Grace? (Pastor Lionel Means)
  28. Magnifying Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  29. Grace for Today (Pastor Lionel Means)
  30. Grace and MercyMinister Lakesha Allen (Pastor Lionel Means)
  31. Grace Stoppers (Pastor Lionel Means)
In I Thessalonians 5: 16-18, Paul gives the church a benedictory command. He tells us to “Rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and give thanks: for this is the Will of God concerning you.” Are you joyful, prayerful and thankful? This series will focus on strengthening believers as we continue our spiritual journey in a world that is at times unforgiving, uncertain and ungrateful!
  1. Salvation in a Manger ( Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Forgiveness of Sins ( Pastor Lionel Means )
  3. Promise of Protection ( Pastor Lionel Means )
In John 15:11, Jesus promises us as believers that we can experience a life that is full of joy regardless of our circumstances. Not only is joy a promise of Jesus, but once we accepted Christ into our hearts, joy became a fruit of our spirit. Paul even goes as far as commanding us to be joyful always in multiple books of the new testament. If all this is true, and it is, why do we go through periods of time when our joy feels empty. This series will focus on the principles we need to follow to keep our Joy FULL!
  1. Joy Full Mission Possible (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Joy Full Reflex (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Choose to be Joy Full (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Joy of Salvation (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Joy and Pain (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Joy and Trials (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Rejoicing through a Difficult Season (Min. Bridgette Best)
  8. Joy and Strength (Minister Robert Lyons)
  9. Joy and Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  10. Joy and the Pursuit of Happiness (Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Joy and Selflessness (Pastor Lionel Means )
  12. Joy and Serving (Pastor Lionel Means )
In I Thessalonians 5: 16-18, Paul gives the church a benedictory command. He tells us to “Rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and give thanks: for this is the Will of God concerning you.” Are you joyful, prayerful and thankful? This series will focus on strengthening believers as we continue our spiritual journey in a world that is at times unforgiving, uncertain and ungrateful!
  1. Rejoice Evermore ( Min. Robert Lyons)
  2. Pray Without Ceasing ( Min. Robert Lyons)
  3. In Everything Give Thanks ( Min. Robert Lyons)
In Genesis 1:28 God gives man his first commandment, be fruitful. Every since the day God gave man this commandment the enemy has been busy trying to stop man from bearing Godly fruit. Jesus says in John 15:5, “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” Are you bearing much fruit? This series will focus on defining what it means to be fruitful, and how we can get to the place where we bear much fruit.
  1. From Fear to Fruitful (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Abide in the Vine (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Abide (Min. Robert Lyons)
  4. Root Issue (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Get Planted (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Get Rooted In Christ (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Get Watered (Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Get into the Light(Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Control the Weeds(Pastor Lionel Means)
  10. Wisdom for all Seasons (Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Lord Give Me One More Year (Pastor Lionel Means)

Fear attacks us right where our faith lives, and keeps us from stepping into the plans God has for us. God has a plan to help us overcome the “spirit of fear”, and transform it into faith and obedience. This series will focus on how to find courage and hope from God, to face the fears in life that keep us from walking in all that we are called to be.

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  1. Overcoming the Spirit of Fear (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Overcoming Fear with POWER (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Overcoming Fear with LOVE (Minister Bridgette Best)
  4. Overcoming Fear with SELF DISCIPLINE (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Overcoming the Fear of Inadequacy (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Overcoming the Fear of Men (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Overcoming the Fear of Adversity (Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Overcoming the Fear of Being Forsaken(Pastor Lionel Means)

Christmas is the season we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Isaiah says in chapter 9, For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace, there will be no end. Jesus even says in John 14:27, “ I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” If this is true, why do we as believers go through periods where our peace is missing? This series will focus on understanding the biblical meaning of peace, and learning how to overcome things in our lives that take the gift of Peace away from us.

  1. The Gift of Peace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Make Joy Greater Than Sorrow (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. The Peace of God (Min. Robert Lyons)
  4. Make Jesus Your Prince of Peace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Make Worship Greater Than Stress (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Make Being Content Greater Than Stuff (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Peace During the Storm (Pastor Lionel Means)
What if Jesus asked you to do one thing for Him in exchange for everything He has done for you? Would you ignore it? Would you refuse to do it? Or would you do it? Jesus has commanded us to GO and make disciples of the nations. This series will help remove the barriers to this great commission and help teach us how to GO.
  1. Being A Bridgebulder (Men's Day Message) (Pastor Lionel Means)
What if Jesus asked you to do one thing for Him in exchange for everything He has done for you? Would you ignore it? Would you refuse to do it? Or would you do it? Jesus has commanded us to GO and make disciples of the nations. This series will help remove the barriers to this great commission and help teach us how to GO.
  1. Go Evangelize (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Go Pray for Everyone (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Go be an Ambassador for Christ (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Go be a light for Christ (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Go My Chosen (Min. Robert Lyons)
  6. Go Share Your Testimony(Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Go Show You Care (Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Go Serve People in Need (Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Go to a New Place (Minister Bridgette Best)
There’s so much pain and hurt in the world, sometimes it’s hard to see anything else. But what if, when we looked around, all we saw was love? Jesus commands us to love one another as He has loved us. This sermon series will help us learn how to Love Like Jesus.
  1. Love Matters (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Love Is Patient (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Love Is Kind (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Love Is Not Boastful(Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Love Is Not Proud(Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Love Is Not Rude (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Love is not easily angered (Minister Lakeshia Allen)
  8. Love does not keep records of wrong (Minister Ron Johnson)
  9. Love Rejoices In Truth (Mininister Robert Lyons)
  10. Love Bears All Things (Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Love Believes All Things (Pastor Lionel Means)
  12. Love Hopes All Things (Pastor Lionel Means)
  13. Love Endures All Things (Pastor Lionel Means)
  14. Love Never Ends(Pastor Lionel Means)
Detox is short for “to detoxify,” or to remove toxins or poisons. On occasion, the soul needs this process to remove toxins that have crept into our minds through life experiences. If wounds have affected your thoughts, your will, or emotions, this detox series is all about removing those poisons so you can live the elevated life God intended for each of us.
  1. Soul Detox (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Soul Detox Criticism (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Detoxing the Body (Minister George Harrison)
  4. Detoxing Hurt (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Detoxing Doubt (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Detoxing the Seeds of Sin (Min.Ron Broome)
  7. Detoxing Negative Thought(Minister Bridgette Best)
The word altar is mentioned 322 times in the Bible. That’s more mentions than grace, salvation, or mercy. We have altar calls, and we are told to bring our offerings, prayers, and even burdens to the altar. But what is the altar, and what does its many mentions in scripture tell us today? This sermon series will focus on the stories that altered the lives of key people in the Bible, and what led them to build altars.
  1. Altar of New Beginnings (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Altar of Purpose (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Altar of Faith (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Altar of Destiny (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Altar of Deliverance (Pastor Lionel Means)
Minister Caldwell bless our hearts with a teaching on God’s restoration and elevation.for our 3rd anniversary.
  1. 3rd Anniversary Service 2016 (Pastor Min. Candice Caldwell)
Christmas has become a season of doing. It is a time when we focus on spending, decorating, and doing Christmas. The purpose of Christmas was never for us to just Do Christmas, but to Be Christmas. In light of what God has done by sending His Son, our response is to Be Christmas by worshiping fully, spending less, giving more, and loving all. This series will focus on moving from just doing Christmas, to being Christmas.
  1. Be Christmas: Worship Jesus Fully (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Be Christmas: Uplift Children's Christmas Program and Sermonette (Minister Robert Lyons)
  3. Be Christmas: Be Generous (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Be Christmas: Be Peaceful (Pastor Lionel Means)
Everyday we are faced with hundreds of decisions–what to buy, where to go, who to vote for. All of these decisions promise a better life, increased happiness and added security, but in reality, the only decision that can meet our needs, is the decision to follow Jesus Christ. This series will focus on what it means to decide to follow Jesus Christ.
  1. I Have Decided to Repent (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. I Have Decided to be Baptized (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. I Have Decided to be Devoted (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. I Have Decided to Stand In Fellowship (Minister Ron Broome)
Sometimes in the midst of our very busy and challenging lives we forget that we serve a God who is fascinating. This series will focus on God’s ability to fascinate us through His protection, compassion, guidance, and provision. Expect to leave this series fascinated with God like never before!
  1. Fascinating by Trials (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Fascinated by not giving up (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Fascinated by choices (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Fascinated by Worship (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Fascinated by God's power (Minister Bridgette Best)
  6. Fascinated by Tragedy (Minister Ron Johnson)
  7. Fascinated by Temptation (Pastor Lionel Means)
  8. Fascinated by Grace (Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Fascinated by Little Things (Minister Robert Lyons)
The world has created an image of perfection that is both unreal and unattainable. Trying to obtain this worldview of perfection is the cause of so much of our stress and unhappiness. The Bible speaks of achieving perfection for our lives. This series will focus on the biblical plan that we are to use to pursue perfection.
  1. Imperfectly Perfect (Minister Bridgette Best)
  2. Be In Dependence of God (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. See Yourself Through God's (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Make Following Jesus a Priority (Pastor Lionel Means)
Sometimes in our battles we try to fight the enemy on his terms and in his territory. Eventually we get beat down or defeated. God never intended for us to fight this way. He intended us to soar like eagles. This series will focus on how to rise above all of the temptations and trials we face in life by soaring like an eagle. You too can soar!!
  1. Waiting To Soar (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Renewing Your Strength (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Mounting Up (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. Soaring Over Adversity (Pastor Lionel Means)
It is important that we understand what it means to be a member of the body of Christ. This series will help us understand what it means to be a member of the body of Christ at Uplift and to serve as Christ has commissioned us to do.
  1. We Are Better Together (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. Becoming a Functional Member (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Becoming a Unifying Member (Dr. Robert Lyons)
  4. Becoming an Unselfish Member (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Becoming a Praying Member (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Becoming a Healthy Member (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. The Gift of Church Membership (Minister Ron Broome)
God created each of us for worship. That is why we become FANatical about sport teams, jobs, hobbies, and even other people. God does not mind if we enjoy other things, as long as we don’t put those things above Him. This sermon series will focus on the reality that we were created to worship, but worship should be reserved for God. This is important because you will become what you worship. True change of your life begins with true worship of Jesus Christ.
  1. Origin of Worship (Pastor Lionel Means)
  2. The Object of Your Worship (Pastor Lionel Means)
  3. Made to Worship (Pastor Lionel Means)
  4. True Worship (Pastor Lionel Means)
  5. Worship Through Obedience (Pastor Lionel Means)
  6. Worshipping God With All Your Heart (Pastor Lionel Means)
  7. Expressions of Worship: Praise (Minister Quentin Bethea)
  8. Expressions of Worship: Fasting & Prayer (Pastor Lionel Means)
  9. Expressions of Worship: Generosity (Pastor Lionel Means)
  10. Extravagant Worship (Pastor Lionel Means)
  11. Expressions of Worship: Evangelize (Pastor Lionel Means)