Next, he appointed the Chona Commission, which was arrange beneath the chairmanship of Mainza Chona in February 1972. Chona’s task was to make suggestions for a brand new Zambian constitution which would effectively cut back the nation to a one-celebration state.

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By 1976, Zambia had a steadiness-of-payments crisis, and quickly fell into debt with the International Monetary Fund . The Third National Development Plan needed to be deserted as crisis administration changed long-term planning. At independence Kaunda’s authorities inherited a rustic with an economic system that was fully beneath the management of foreigners. For instance, the British South Africa Company still retained commercial property and mineral rights that it had acquired from a concession signed with the Litunga of Bulozi in 1890. Only by threatening to expropriate it on the eve of independence did Kaunda manage to get favourable concessions from the BSAC.

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Under this system, Kaunda was confirmed as president in 1978, 1983 and 1988, each time with official results exhibiting over 80 % of voters approving his candidacy. The creation of a one-party state effectively made Kaunda’s presidency a authorized dictatorship. He personally appointed the Central Committee of UNIP, though the process was given a veneer of legitimacy by being “accredited” by a National Congress of the party. In practice, his control over the party was such that they had been at all times accepted without modification. The argument used was that “the President knows the people who can work properly with him, so if we modify the nominations we will end up with a less effective staff”. In flip, the Central Committee nominated a sole candidate for the get together presidency.

In practice, no one did so because of his charisma and intolerance for dissent. In the first twenty years of Kaunda’s presidency, himself and his advisors sought numerous occasions to acquire modern weapons from the United States. In a letter written to Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967, Kaunda inquires if the United States would provide him with nuclear missiles, all of his requests for modern weapons have been refused by the United States. In 1980, Kaunda would buy sixteen MiG-21 jets from the Soviet Union, which might in the end provoke a response from the United States.

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Of course, because the members of the Central Committee had been nominated by Kaunda, he was always the sole candidate. Constitutionally, whoever was in good standing with the celebration was at liberty to challenge him.